Isn’t your skin dehydrated oily skin, not oily skin?

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You with oily skin, have you ever thought that your skin might not be oily skin?

When we generally describe oily skin, we immediately think about skin that looks shiny from excessive oil production.
This is definitely true, but there are exceptions.
The outer skin is oily due to its strong sebum secretion, but inside the skin, there is a skin that feels dry and tight, which we call ‘Dehydrated Oily Skin‘.
This Dehydrated Oily Skin is often mistaken for oily skin because our body secretes too much sebum to defend against dryness.
It is easy for us to mistake these Dehydrated Oily Skin for Oily Skin because our body secretes excess sebum to prevent dryness in the skin.
If someone with Dehydrated Oily Skin uses products for oily skin, the dryness gets worse.


Why do people with these skin feel dry after using products for oily skin?

Oily Skin

Oily skin means overactive sebum production and the greasy sheen that accompanies it.
Because there is a high possibility of acne due to such a overactive sebum secretion and sebum can accumulate in the skin, in the case of formulas for products for oily skin, they consist of salicylic acid, a ingredient that helps to melt sebum or remove dead skin cells, ethanol, which is a ingredient used to disinfect, and a small amount of natural ingredients that act as anti-inflammatory.
In other words, since oily skin has no drier symptoms than any other skin type, there is no need to increase the content of moisturizer to make products.
Therefore, if you have normal oily skin, you will feel less dry than dry skin or combination skin because the secretion of sebum is smooth.
However, if you feel dry even though you have used products for oily skin, your skin is not just oily skin, but Dehydrated Oily Skin type.

In the case of Dehydrated Oily Skin, unlike normal oily skin, the moisture status of the skin is no different from dry skin.
In other words, this skin type means that you have to increase the water content like dry skin to make up for the insufficient water content.


Let’s test whether my skin type is Dehydrated Oily Skin or not!

Oct 2021 Blog image3 Kbeauty for ArabsYou read the 10 items below and check mark each item if you feel it is similar to your skin. If you put a check mark on more than 6 items in total, your skin is also Dehydrated Oily Skin!


□ In the afternoon, your skin gets so greasy and your makeup last s shorter.
□ Your makeup get cakey even though you meticulously removed the dead skin cells.
□ Your forehead and nose are greasy, but the area under your eyes and around the mouth are dry.
□ Too much sebum in your T zone.
□ Your lips is dry, so it get chapped easily even in summer.
□ In the afternoon, your inside skin feels tight and dry.
□ Your face feels tighter after washing.
□ On your face, there is a clear division into areas with large pores and areas with small pores.
□ You don’t have products suitable for your skin no matter what type of cosmetics you use.
□ Your hair is dry, but your scalp gets greasy easily.


If you have this Dehydrated Oily Skin, your skin is easily irritated by excess sebum, so you should moisturize without irritation with as much mild ingredients as possible. In addition, your skin is a skin that changes its water content from time to time, so you should supply moisture from time to time to balance oil & water levels.


Skin care tips for Dehydrated Oily Skin!

1. 7 layers of toner

This is a method you apply a toner in 7 layers on your skin and let it absorb into the skin. If you apply toner like this, moisture accumulates high from the inside of the skin, which greatly enhances moisture. At this time, you don’t use a cotton pad, drop a few drops of toner on your face, spread it on your face using your hand, and gently tap with your fingers to absorb it into the skin.

Oily Skin

2. Sponge-type cotton pad pack using toner

This is a method of using as a pack by soaking a sponge-type cotton pad with toner, it has good moisture transfer power and increases the moisturizing power in your skin.

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3. Facial Mask Layering

This means that you use two facial sheet masks overlapping because the active ingredient in a regular sheet mask evaporates quickly into the air. if you use mask sheets like this, the sheets don’t dry easily, so the moisturizing power is even higher.

Oily Skin

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