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Your choice for healthy beauty, Omelon will be with you.

We have long been on the journey to find true beauty.
We have not only manufactured beauty devices but has also been constantly looking for ways to solve them by worrying about the beauty and health of customers.
We have thought in every direction to bring out better beauty.

That is the Omelon.

Brand Vision

A global beauty company that provides total care for the beauty and health of customers

1. Omelon's Device & Cosmetics : They pursue perfect natural beauty.

Omelon's unique beauty & medical devices combine cosmetics to help customers regain their lost beauty due to aging and mismanagement.

2. Omelon's Skin Technology: We have differentiated expertise and innovative know-how.

Omelon excels in both the innovative know-how it has accumulated by developing and producing devices directly and the expertise it has supplied to more than 2,000 esthetic shops and 200 skin clinics nationwide.

3. Omelon's Stability: Cosmeceutical Skin Care verified by Clinical Trials.

Omelon provides patients with clinically tested products and cosmeceutical skin care programs. They can experience confident beauty that enhances their quality of life by bringing about changes not only in their appearance but also in their inner life through the programs.