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Amazing Miracle of the good ingredients


SOME BY MI is a combined word of 'Something' and 'By a miracle'. It ha our hearts that wish a miracle on your skin with our skincare solution that focuses on the essence of cosmetics.


Brand Concept: What is the 'Miracle' that the skin really wants?

Is the temporary effect of insincerely made cosmetic a real miracle?
Were we accumulating skin concerns when we were trying to get rid of them?
We started by asking these kinds of questions over and over again.

Brand Philosophy: 'A Real Miracle' that SOME By MI, a team of Skin Professionals, delivers

  • Answers found form the nature: We seek the natural beauty of the skin through the pureness and honesty of nature. Solve together and deliver the genuine message. We aim to make products without any inconvenience, such as skin concerns, ingredients, and texture.
  • "A ream miracle" for you: We wish that SOME BY MI's exclusive solution presents your skin with a beautiful miracle.

Core Value: Millions of samplings and tricky manufacturing process

  • Naturally sourced ingredients: Instead of stimulant, chemical ingredients for an instant effect, we use naturally sourced ingredients that comfort the skin.
  • Opening all ingredients: We open every ingredient used in manufacturing the products for you to choose what is right for your skin.
  • Free of skin worrisome ingredients: We exclude the worrisome and provocative ingredients as much as possible to prevent skin from getting sensitive even to tiny stimuli.
  • Skin irritation Test Completed: As our products have been completed with Skin Irritation Test, they can be safely used on sensitive, problematic skin.