Eye Cream, Do we have to apply this separately?

Eye Cream Do we have to apply this separately Main 1 Kbeauty for Arabs

Eye Cream Products as a cosmetics, There has been a lot of controversy about these.

All women in the world are sensitive to “wrinkle” regardless of age. In particular, the skin around our eyes is very fragile and easily dry, resulting in wrinkles.
Just by blinking our eyes can promote eye wrinkle formation. Also, dark circles may appear under our eyes because the lachrymal gland attracts moisture around our eyes.
In addition, women have more irritation on the skin around the eyes than men because they wear eye makeup with mascara or eyeliner. When women remove makeup, they wipe makeup with cleansing oil or cream and then scrub the skin around the eyes again with foam cleansing, which gives them a stimulus that can cause wrinkles at this time.

Eye cream products

These wrinkles around the eyes are important evidence that aging is progressing. This is why many people are interested in how to prevent wrinkles around their eyes.

For a long time, there have been mixed opinions among many women about whether or not an eye cream products are an essential products for anti-aging.
They are very diverse, from the opinion that it should be applied before wrinkles appear to the opinion that it is okay not to apply them.
Many people around us do not apply eye cream because the skincare routine that needs to be applied toner, lotion, serum, moisture cream, and eye cream is too complicated and annoying.

Then, let’s find out in more detail whether eye cream products are effective in preventing wrinkles around our eyes.


Characteristics of the skin around our eyes

The skin around the eyes is classified as the thinnest of the entire skin of our face, where the epidermis and dermis are thin and muscle layers are attached just below them.
The epidermis of our skin plays a role in attracting and maintaining moisture using the keratin layer, but in the case of the skin around the eyes, since the epidermis is thin, its role is also relatively weak, and in addition, there are few sebaceous glands, so there is not much sebum secretion.

Eye cream products

On the other hand, the uppermost layer of the dermis is a high water loss area where blood vessels are distributed so that moisture can evaporate out of the skin through the blood vessels.
As women get older, the epidermis becomes thinner and the surface area of the layer that borders the dermis and epidermis decreases, as well as moisture retention power and collagen and elastin fibers in the dermis, so this change seems more prominent in the skin around the eyes.
Therefore, the skin around the eyes needs to increase moisturizing compared to other areas.

It is highly concentrated in the ingredients contained in it compared to other skincare products because the skincare product manufactured by fully considering the characteristics of the skin around the eyes is eye cream.


Skin experts’ advice on eye cream.

Skin experts say it is better to use both lotion applied to the entire face and eye cream that focuses on the skin around the eyes.
S. Manjula Jegasothy, MD, founder of Miami Skin Institute “The skin around the eyes is very thin, and most of us are more sensitive in the eye area than the rest of the face,” she said.
She emphasized that the skin around the eyes needs separate care.

“Thin eyelid skin is the first area to show signs of aging and environmental damage,” says Noelle Sherber, MD, co-founder of Sherber + Rad. “The structure of the skin in the eye area is different from facial or body skin, and doesn’t respond in the same ways to active ingredients and is more likely to be irritated when a product isn’t a good match.”
In other words, he said, “We cannot expect the same effect on the skin around the eyes as an active ingredient in general lotion.”

The skin around the eyes is dry and fragile compared to other areas, and even the changes in facial expressions that we often make when we talk are prone to wrinkles. Due to this, as you get older, fine lines around the eyes quickly form, which can make your face look older than your age.
Therefore, as skin experts advised, even if it’s a bit annoying, taking care of your skin around your eyes in advance helps prevent wrinkles and delay aging. Therefore, if you apply eye cream steadily around your eyes, it helps maintain skin elasticity and can relieve or prevent wrinkles around your eyes.
When choosing an eye cream, I recommend that you choose a product that maintains the same pH value as your tears so that it does not cause problems even if it gets into your eyes.
Eye cream is not a light formulation, so people generally tend to apply it only at night, but it is more effective for you to apply it in the morning and evening because the skin around your eyes is always lacking in moisture and nutrition.

Eye cream products

Precautions for choosing it.

If you use a highly concentrated eye cream on the skin around your sensitive eyes, it can cause skin problems such as a milium due to excessive nutrition supply. Therefore, you can comfortably care for your irritated skin around your eyes all day long by selecting and using an eye cream products that contains only hypoallergenic ingredients and can be used without any burden. If you get a milium after applying eye cream, it is better to avoid oily eye cream products.

In general, due to its high moisturizing effect, it is not recommended to apply eye cream to eyelids because the skin around the eyes temporarily swells while filling the fine lines of the skin with moisture and tightening them. If you use it intensively under your eyes and at the outer edge of your eyes, and then lightly use the remaining cream on your eyelids, you can prevent the eyelids from swelling.
Eyelids are prone to dermatitis, so if your eyelids itch or red after using a specific product, you should stop using them immediately.


How to apply it.

Use your two fingers to draw a circle naturally, moving from the outer edge of the eye to the front of the eye. At this time, you should not apply eye cream to make your skin feel pushed around your eyes due to your fingers.
Then, using the tips of the two fingers, it is better to lightly tap the area where it was applied. The skin around the eyes is much thinner than the other areas, so the stimulation you just tap lightly with your fingertips allows the ingredients of the eye cream to penetrate the skin and increase the moisturizing power of the epidermal layer. Since lymph nodes are quite developed around our eyes, the act of tapping the skin around our eyes with your fingers itself stimulates them, facilitating blood circulation and discharging waste.

Eye Cream Do we have to apply this separately Main6 Kbeauty for Arabs


Some things that people are curious about it.

What is the main ingredient of eye cream products?

The eye cream products contain various substances that increase skin elasticity. Vitamin C, Peptide, and Retinol are contained in it synthesize collagen, a protein involved in skin elasticity, and Ceramide and Hyaluronic acid help to retain moisture in the skin and increase the elasticity of the skin.

Eye cream products

Is it okay to apply eye cream on areas other than around your eyes?

Many people wonder if they can apply eye creams on their faces. they tend to be oily, so if you apply them to your face, you should be careful because they can cause problems such as pimples and pore-clogging. It is recommended to select a product that suits your skin type and apply it lightly only around your eyes that are concerned about wrinkles.


Is it okay to apply eye cream from the age of 20?

If you are in your 20s, you don’t have to apply eye cream. Furthermore, you don’t have to apply eye cream even more if the skin around your eyes is not dry. However, if your skin around your eyes feels dry and often pulling or you have a skin type that often has dry patches or flaking, it is better to apply eye cream even if you are in your 20s.

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