How much do you know about your skin type?

What you need to know about the skin barrier main Kbeauty for Arabs

Do you know what your skin type is exactly?

Knowing your skin type accurately is very important in skincare because continuous use of cosmetics or skincare products that do not fit your skin can ruin your skin.
Unlike other fields, scientifically classifying skin types has a short history that was not attempted until 2006.
So how did we classify our skin before that?


If we want to study the classification of skin types, we cannot help but mention Helena Rubinstein who is a myth-like woman in cosmetic beauty history as she got the most modifiers of ‘World’s First’.


skin type

She was born in Poland in 1872 and made numerous achievements with a tireless passion for beauty until she died at the age of 95.
Helena was once the richest woman in the world by establishing a cosmetics company named after her and is famous for leaving the words “There are ugly women, only laziness.”
Her cosmetics brand Helena Rubinstein was acquired by L’Oreal in 1988 and is still sold as a product of a luxury premium brand in the global market.


She used a medical format called “prescription” for proper “diagnosis” and treatment of skin conditions in selling cosmetics.

Initially, she classified skin into 3 types: Normal Skin, Oily Skin, and Dry Skin, but in 1945, she finally classified skin types into 5 categories: Normal Skin, Oily Skin, Dry Skin, Combination Skin, and Sensitive Skin by classifying only the skin tone or balance of oil and water of the skin. Her skin classification method played a profound role in the development of the cosmetics industry and is still being used worldwide 80 years later.


The classification of skin types made great progress in December 2006 by Dr. Leslie Baumann of the United States through a book called The Skin Type Solution.
Dr. Bauman presented 16 skin types for the first time in the world.

skin type

She classified skin types by combining four criteria: skin moisture (D/O), sensitivity (S/R), pigmentation (P/N), and wrinkles (W/T) as follows.

  • STEP 1: Is it dry? vs Have a lot of sebum?
    Dry(D) vs Oily(O)
  • STEP 2: Sensitive to irritation? vs Sensitive not to irritation?
    Sensitive(S) vs Resistant(R)
  • STEP 3: Pigmentation occurs easily? vs Pigmentation does not occur easily?
    Pigmented(P) vs Non-pigmented(N)
  • STEP 4: Get wrinkles easily? vs Not get wrinkles easily?
    Wrinkle-prone(W) vs Tight(T)

Diagnose ar Kbeauty for Arabs

Combining these criteria, we can create a total of 16 skin types. Baumann’s skin type is currently widely used among skin and beauty experts and doctors.
Check out what kind of skin type you have.

16 skin types by Dr. Bauman.

Skin Type ar Kbeauty for Arabs

Characteristics of each skin type.



13 Kbeauty for ArabsPeople with this skin type suffer from frequent skin-sensitive symptoms such as skin dryness, itching, inflammation, rash, pigmentation, and dark circles.
In the case of such skin, it is important to prevent skin dryness and eliminate inflammation because skin inflammation is repeated and the skin color is uneven. People with such skin should strengthen their skin barrier by using products containing skin barrier rebuilding ingredients and take care to maintain moisture and prevent skin dryness.
Daily skincare goal
By using the product with a superior moisturizing function, the moisture is supplied enough to the skin, and use products containing whitening ingredients to eliminate pigmentation.
Persistent skincare goal
Like moisturizing, UV protection is very important. Apply enough sunscreen to prevent pigmentation and skin cancer.
You have bright skin but if you have freckles you get a regular skin cancer checkup.



14 Kbeauty for Arabs

This skin type is characterized by even skin texture and few wrinkles, but the skin is often dry due to past skin inflammation.
This skin type is skin that feels severe dryness as if you are in the desert and feel a burning face, and keratin and redness are present, so you should aim to restore the skin barrier while improving skin dryness and sensitivity.
People with this skin type are advised to take Linoleic Acid and Omega-3 frequently.
Daily skincare goal
Restores the skin barrier while lowering the dryness and sensitivity of the skin.
Persistent skincare goal
Moisturize your skin frequently and avoid damaging skin barriers due to various external environments such as chemicals. Make sure to include essential fatty acids in your diet to maintain a healthy skin barrier.



15 Kbeauty for ArabsThis skin type is a skin that can cause all kinds of skin problems because the skin is very sensitive and thin, so it easily responds to small changes.
it is less elastic, dry, easily keratinized, and dry.
Inflammation of the skin is repeated, and the skin texture is uneven and gets wrinkles easily.
This type of skin reacts late to various ingredients in the cosmetic and may take time for you to find the appropriate cosmetic.
Daily skincare goal
You should control or reduce dryness, hypersensitivity, dark spots, etc. by supplying sufficient moisture to the skin.
It is important to use skincare products aimed at pigmentation and wrinkle improvement and to prevent skin dryness and skin inflammation.
Persistent skincare goal
Avoid foam type cleansers and use oil type cleansers, and use cream rather than a lotion.
At least twice a day, the moisturizer is applied to the skin; if exposed to the sun for a long time, increase the number of times it is applied.



16 Kbeauty for ArabsThis skin type is skin that is prone to inflammation, and the skin is dry and gets wrinkles easily.
The skin condition changes rapidly every day and gets wrinkles along with itching, stinging, and redness.
For those with this skin, moisturizers, retinoids, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory products are recommended to protect skin barriers.
Daily skincare goal
Moisturizers containing ingredients that do not irritate the skin should be used to manage the dryness, wrinkles, and sensitivity of the skin, and improve skin irritation, redness, and acne.
Persistent skincare goal
When choosing a product that you use for your skin, choose carefully and apply moisturizers from time to time, absolutely avoiding exposure to sunlight for a long time and eating enough vegetables.



05 Kbeauty for ArabsThis type of skin is a skin in which the vicious cycle of sebum-inflammatory-pigmentation is repeated and black spots remain longer.
Daily skincare goal
Prevent the vicious cycle of sebum-skin inflammation-pigmentation through proper management.
Persistent skincare goal
Inflammation should be avoided as much as possible and stress should be reduced. The good eating habits and lifestyle you have maintained since you were young help you solve skin problems.




06 Kbeauty for ArabsThis skin type is skin that easily reddens from emotional changes or various irritations and has acne on your face here and there.
This skin has a lot of sebum and is sensitive, but there are no pigments or wrinkles.
Recommend to select cosmetics for sensitive skin that can control sebum and prevent or alleviate skin sensitivity, and to set the direction of skincare as “Oily & Sensitive management”.
Daily skincare goal
You should manage those symptoms with hypoallergenic products aimed at improving redness, sebum, and inflammation.
Persistent skincare goal
It is very important to prevent the symptoms above from deteriorating.
You should be routinely concerned with skincare but you need to care for your skin as smooth as possible, so using exfoliants or cleansers does not help you care for your skin.



07 Kbeauty for ArabsThis skin type is a skin that is easy to get uneven pigmentation and wrinkles along with dermatitis and suffers from various skin troubles.
It is important for people with this skin type to go on a dietary cure because the increased sebum has antioxidant works but not enough.
Daily skincare goal
Use products containing antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients to reduce oil, brown spots, and wrinkles.
Persistent skincare goal
Since people with this type of skin get wrinkles easily, early aging should be prevented by increasing the use of antioxidants and should avoid UV exposure as much as possible.




08 Kbeauty for ArabsThis type of skin is easily reddened like a boiled lobster and looks like a greasy face, is the skin that often gets acne so that this skin type is  vulnerable to skin aging.
It is recommended you use antioxidant, anti-inflammatory products every day because the antioxidant work of sebum prevents skin aging in part but it is not enough.
Daily skincare goal
Should use hypoallergenic products to care for their redness, acne, pimples, wrinkles, etc.
Persistent skincare goal
Apply sunscreen regularly, continue skincare focusing on skin protection, eat foods containing anti-inflammatory and antioxidants, and use cosmetics containing those ingredients.




09 Kbeauty for ArabsThis skin type is less wrinkled and has less skin irritation than other skin types, also easily gets freckles and black spots due to ultraviolet rays, but has much more advantages.
This skin type is also oily, resistant, and pigmented, and elastic. However, it is always recommended to use sunscreen to maintain skin texture, also always use skin care products to maintain skin texture evenly.
Daily skincare goal
Using products that control sebum secretion to manage oily skin and use products that prevent whitening and brown spots to eliminate brown spots.
Use products that control sebum secretion to manage oily skin, and get rid of brown spots by using products that contain ingredients that prevent brown spots and whitening.
Persistent skincare goal
This skin type skin is easy to manage, so you have to make it better skin. Skincare is routinely performed to reduce sebum secretion and prevent pigmentation.



10 Kbeauty for ArabsIn this skin type, the sebum is secreted properly or sebum is secreted excessively. Since sebum contains a lot of vitamin E, it has a strong anti-aging effect.
People with this type of skin do not need to use moisturizers because this type of skin has an even skin color and is less aging.
This type of skin has some greasy skin, but it has flawless, glow skin.
Daily skincare goal
Prevents oil & greasy skin by using products containing ingredients that suppress sebum production or cosmetics containing ingredients that absorb sebum.
Persistent skincare goal
It is the easiest skin type to manage, so it is good to eat a lot of vegetables on a daily basis. A good skincare routine to maintain is regularly checked for new warts or lumps of skin cancer.



11 Kbeauty for ArabsThis skin type has uneven skin color and is prone to wrinkles.
People with this skin type have a lot of sebum secretion, but it is not enough to prevent aging, so antioxidants should be used for dietary and skincare products to make up for the shortage. You see your face in the mirror every morning with wide pores, wrinkles, and spots because of sensitive skin.
Daily skincare goal
It is necessary to reduce face oil and prevent wrinkles through proper skin care, also helpful to use products that contain whitening, wrinkle improvement, and antioxidants.
Persistent skincare goal
Avoid exposure to large amounts of sunlight as much as possible and use sunscreen every day. Retinol and retinoid ingredients can improve various aspects of light(ray) damage or aging, and have to eat foods rich in antioxidants frequently.



12 Kbeauty for ArabsPeople with this skin type are less interested in skincare because they do not have skin problems, but this skin type is a skin that shows noticeable wrinkles and aging in oily skin especially.
In addition, most cosmetic ingredients do not cause any special problems with this skin type.
Daily skincare goal
Need to skincare with your goal of eliminating wrinkles and controlling excessive sebum. It is helpful to use products containing antioxidants and retinoid ingredients to manage sebum and wrinkles.
Persistent skincare goal
Avoid excessive exposure to UV rays and focus on preventing wrinkles and do skincare regularly.



13 Kbeauty for ArabsThis skin type is a skin type that appears in most people of color and is beautiful skin that is soft and does not look old.
This skin type can easily get freckles or black spots due to ultraviolet rays, but it can be managed beautifully.
Daily skincare goal
Use moisturizing products to provide sufficient moisture and use products containing whitening ingredients to eliminate pigmentation.
The direction of skincare is to care about ‘moisture and whitening’ at the same time.
Persistent skincare goal
Both ultraviolet protection and moisturizing are important. Use sunscreens sufficiently to prevent pigmentation and skin cancer.
If you have a bright skin tone or freckles, get regular skin cancer checkups.



skin typeThis skin type does not have skin problems such as freckles and acne, and the skin color is even and has few wrinkles, so you can always maintain clean skin.
People with this skin type can dry their skin after middle age, but still, they can maintain good skin.
Daily skincare goal
Use a moisturizer that contains occlusive and humectants appropriately to prevent dry skin.
Foam cleansing is not recommended for people with this skin type.
Persistent skincare goal
Moisturizing is the most important thing for this skin type and sunscreen should be used to protect the skin from UV rays. Early screening for skin cancer on a regular basis.



skin typeThis skin type has dry skin, unbalanced pigmentation, and is prone to wrinkles.
In general, people with this skin type leave it unattended because there is no special problem with their skin when they are young, but as you get older, you get a lot of black spots and wrinkles.
When this skin type is exposed to a dry environment with low humidity, you may feel tightness, roughness, and even pain in your skin, and wrinkles get worse in winter when heating starts.
Daily skincare goal
Use sunscreen every day to block ultraviolet rays, and using products containing antioxidants and Retinoids, moisturizers, and AHA ingredients help to uniformize skin color.
Persistent skincare goal
Try to provide enough moisture to the skin anytime and anywhere, and choose a diet rich in antioxidant ingredients.



skin typeThis skin type is characterized by even skin color, but the skin becomes dry easily and wrinkles easily occur.
Therefore, people with this skin type maintain good skin when they are young, but skin aging progresses rapidly due to dry skin.
This skin type is less acne-prone and less sensitive than the oily skin type. People with this skin type can use most of the skincare products and rarely get blemishes or pigmentation on the skin.
Daily skincare goal
For people with this skin type, it is a very important daily skincare direction to prevent wrinkles by preventing their skin from getting dry.
Use products containing these ingredients because antioxidants, moisturizers, and retinoids that penetrate well into the skin prevent skin drying and inhibit wrinkles.
And use SPF15 or higher sunscreen every day.
Persistent skincare goal
You should avoid exposure to ultraviolet rays as much as possible, and if you have to go out, you must go out after applying sunscreen.
Products containing Retinol or Retinoid are effective in inhibiting or alleviating skin aging, so you use these skincare products to care for your skin and eat foods rich in antioxidants.


Many people do not know exactly about their skin type. However, if we know our skin accurately and do our daily skincare routine regularly according to our skin characteristics, we will be of great help in keeping our skin young and healthy.

In general, when you visit a skin clinic, you can find out what type of skin your skin is among the 16 types classified by Dr. Bauman.

Aren’t you curious what type of skin your skin is specifically?

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